Austrian Oil Company OMV won DEALBEST 2004 Award.

  • Official AUTOBEST web site launched during a fascinating festivity in Bucharest
    (January 26-th, 2005)

       Magicians, dancing duo, climbing athletes and the famous Romanian band Sistem contributed to an impressive show for the fourth edition of AUTOBEST festivity held on January 25-th in Romexpo, Titulescu Hall. During the event, the official AUTOBEST web site was launched. has a user-friendly interface, rich in content, providing information about the contest, the jury members that come from 11 different countries, the previous AUTOBEST Awards and other relevant information about this unique competition.

       The AUTOBEST 2005 event had an audience of more than 250 people, including important personalities from automotive industry in the region, Romanian and regional media, VIP-s. Andi Moisescu, one of the most famous TV stars in Romania, conducted the entire event, prepared and organized by Graffiti BBDO. Each award was preceded by a symbolizing show, which combined arts with music, sport, dance and magic.

       The great winner of AUTOBEST 2005 award is the new Dacia Logan, totaling 775 points, 59 points in front /of the new Skoda Octavia and Opel Astra with 127 points. This award was introduced with a special presentation performed by a well-known Romanian magician, Iozefini. A small remote-controlled car drove away from the stage and in return, the new Dacia Logan appeared, driven by Mr. Francois Fourmont, General Manager Automobile Dacia. “I am very happy to receive this award confirming that Logan is a modern, affordable and proper car for the emerging markets.” Mr. Fourmont stated.

       MEDIABEST of 2004 award went to Crain Communications, the publishing company of Automotive News. “It is always a real pleasure to receive an award from your colleagues. Automotive News will continue paying attention to these significant emerging markets, due to one simple fact: here is where the news is”, Jesse Snyder, Managing Editor Automotive News declared.

       For the acquisition of the majority shares in Petrom, OMV was awarded with DEALBEST 2004. “We were delighted by the suggestive show related to our deal. We believed in this region from years ago and invested significantly, as a proof being this 1.5 billion dollars deal. And this is only the beginning”, Mr. Reiner Schlang, General Manager OMV Mineraloil Romania said.

       Alexandre Luc Menard, Renault Vice President in charge of International Operations and Automobile Dacia Chairman, was elected MANBEST of 2004. “I spent much time in the automotive industry in this part of Europe and this award makes me proud and happy. However, forget about me, I am less important. More important are the people that work in Automobile Dacia and Renault Group, who made the Logan project possible. They deserve this award”, declared Mr. Alexandre Luc Menard.

       During the festivity other two awards also been granted: “SAFETYBEST 2004” for EuroNCAP and “SPORTBEST 2004” for Mr. Mumtaz Tahincioglu, President of Tomsfed, Turkish auto federation.

       AUTOBEST organization is the only international jury focusing on the emerging markets countries. For this year, AUTOBEST Jury members come from 11 countries in the region and represent a virtual market of over 200 million people. Mr. Dan Vardie, Chairman of AUTOBEST Jury, declared: “The 4th edition of AUTOBEST Awards was a real success and Bucharest should be proud of having hosted this event for the second time. AUTOBEST Jury’s position strengthened as the most important independent jury in the emerging markets of Europe. What happened here tonight tells us that we are on the right track. We are fair in our rules with both customer and the auto industry. Our awards are granted following an evaluation based on clear, professional and public criteria’s.”

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